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Carlson Instruments

Get the job done right with world-class scanners and sensors, the highest regarded within the industry. 

Southern Instruments & Software: A proud partner with Carlson Software

Carlson instruments include world-class scanners and sensors for high-performance mapping, surveying, positioning and measuring, specifically developed for the extreme environments of mines, quarries, and construction sites. Additionally, Carlson Software’s GNSS solutions are one of the highest regarded within the industry.

Carlson CR+ Series Total Robotic Station

CRx Series

CRx Robotic Total Stations are used in a wide range of applications requiring precise angle and distance measurements such as surveying, engineering and construction.

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The Carlson Scan2K bridges the gap between small, light-weight, short-range sensors and large, long-range, pulsed time-of-flight scanners.

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BRx7 Receiver

The BRx7 GNSS receiver delivers a modern and flexible GNSS RTK product for precision surveys, with an intuitive and familiar application software.

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Price reflects the CRx 5"

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